Saturday, November 24, 2012


Amex just bought us dinner

by Larry Geller

It took some doing to find a restaurant that was actually participating in the American Express Shop Small small business promotion. As we wrote in the earlier article, Amex was still listing restaurants that were no longer Shop Smallopen on the promo website (c’mon, Amex, the Yum Yum Tree closed in 2005). Others were not actually participating or didn’t take the Amex card at all.

But nearby Little Village, a very popular Chinatown venue, said they were participating, and so we went over there this evening. And Amex will pay for our dinner with a $25 refund later.

They have a “Shop Small” sticker on their window including a QR code to use to sign up.

So if you are reading this Saturday evening, there’s still time to try and register at the Amex website, and run down to Chinatown for a dinner at Little Village.

Remember, though, that the website lists some conditions, one of which is that you have to spend at least $25 to get a refund. We had no trouble doing that. The Hunan spicy fish was delicious.  Thank you American Express.


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