Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hilo priest Father George DeCosta accused of sexual abuse

by Larry Geller

Big Island blogger Damon Tucker got the scoop on the commercial media with his story Hilo Priest Accused of Child Sex Crimes Still Travels and Works with Youngsters Today (Damon Tucker: Hawaii News and Information, 8/20/2012). The priest facing accusations is Hilo Catholic priest, Fr. George DeCosta.

Damon posted a followup article today, Man Who as Child was Raped by Former Bishop and Local Priest to Break Silence (Damon Tucker: Hawaii News and Information, 8/22/2012).

Honolulu’s commercial media can catch up with Damon’s coverage at a press conference set for tomorrow, 11 a.m. Thursday, August 23, 2012 at the Ala Moana Hotel, Pakalana/Anthurium Room. The second link above has more information for readers and contacts for the media.

I have to admit that I don’t read Damon Tucker’s blog often enough (so much to read, so little time…) but I should change my priorities. There’s Oahu news on there as well, but also because I admit being Oahu-centric, and there is more to Hawaii than just this island. Check out his website wherever you live.

[Off-topic suggestion: check out the Morning Coffee add-on to bring up your favorite websites each day. They open up in tabs. So you can just click and get, Damon Tucker’s blog, Disappeared News, Civil Beat, and any others that you read regularly.]


Once again it appears you are the only journalist on Oahu interested in what sounds like an important story.....we shall see. The last few weeks have made me feel like the hopes we all have had of an objective and vibrant alternative media are darkening against the blogosphere and, instead of that raise-the-bar integrity, we might be in danger of a larger yet more eclectic group of agenda-driven reporting instead of fact-finding and fact reporting. People are really hungry for stories that don't carry the baggage of opinion-making and spin doctoring. Point of view is hard to erase from reporting and human beings have to fight that of course. Thanks for telling us about Damon Tucker also.

Remember Jerry Sandusky more victims will come forward trust that Will happen.
He definitely has more victims PEDOPHILES WILL REOFFEND

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