Friday, May 04, 2012


Hawaii Reporter investigation leads to raids on illegal gambling

by Larry Geller

Yikes! I sometimes shop at the store pictured in Chinatown Store Owner Raided By FBI Worked as An Advocate for Asian Immigrants (Hawaii Reporter, 5/4/2012). It’s the closest general store in Chinatown to where I live. Who would think that there is more to the grocery business than is obvious to a casual shopper?

Hawaii Reporter editor Malia Zimmerman and investigative reporter Jim Dooley have been on the trail of this story for at least six months. Their quest is not without risk: gambling is often big business. Think, like the Mafia. It’s organized crime.

Read the story at the link above. While you’re here, these are the two videos linked at the end of the article. They’ll give you an inside peek through the hidden cameras that recorded the backdoor operations.

Click the little thingy at the lower right for full screen.

Hawaii Reporter Undercover Investigation Exposes Illegal Chinatown Lottery



Federal investigators raid chinatown gambling ring


Larry, weren't you suspicious when four times a year the store handed out Mahalo checks to you?

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