Monday, April 23, 2012


Will it be gondolas or canoes for Kakaako?

by Larry Geller

Starting the week off with a fun juxtaposition in today’s newspaper. As I separated the sections this morning I noticed an op-ed by our Attorney General about how great the OHA Kakaako deal is. This settlement, between a state agency and the state, gives OHA land on the Kakaako peninsula that is within the tsunami inundation zone.

The Today section of the same paper describes how countries that are threatened with rising waters are creating floating communities, or floating mosques and even a floating golf course.

Watery Kakaako

Check it out. Compare the location of the OHA lands and the UH inundation or evacuation maps for the area.


So I guess the options for OHA will be whether they’ll have canoes or gondolas to get around their new property as the tides wash over it.

(photo by MestskaCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

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Ah- genius thinks alike: the first thing that occurred to me in this Kaka`ako "deal" was, as usual, that the Kanaka once again got screwed... this time being paid in land that is going to under water in a couple of few decades or so.

Actually OHA supposedly enlisted the best minds available to vet this land and they determined that in 100 years sea levels in Hawaii would only rise something like 1.5 feet. They figured they could prevent that from being a problem by building vertical...... huh...huh....

Make that polluted real estate too --- all that waste buried in the incinerator area, the PCB's etc.....this makes it the second time that Machado has negotiated for a toxic waste site --- the first one was Kahoolawe

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