Monday, April 02, 2012


Ugly bill getting uglier—stop it today

by Larry Geller

SB755 has been used and abused. It’s guts have been replaced to push legislators’ desire to introduce gambling into Hawaii, but when that didn’t fly, they violated it again to grant exemptions for all sorts of environmental and permitting requirements that are current law.

It’s supposed to create “jobs.” I put the word in quotes because I don’t know what it means. Politicians here and elsewhere have abused that word, also. It’s now uttered as an excuse to do anything and everything evil by advancing false promises.

Hawaii has passed protective laws for good reason. We should not let this legislature violate these laws. Why not create legitimate jobs, as only government can, within the law instead of creating exemptions? They’ve gone on a rampage, granting exemptions to all sorts of laws, including Sunshine and ethics laws. This bill is simply bad public policy.

The Save Oahu Farmlands Alliance refers to this bill in a widely circulated email:

It allows the government to ignore environmental laws and public input. It also provides indemnity for public officials.

Indemnity? Better to hold them responsible. Starting now, with the possibility they may pass this bill.

Process considerations are also being violated, along with, I suspect, the state constitution. If the current language survives without the required three hearings in both houses, how can it be legal? The Legislature holds that only the title need be the same. And so we get this kind of crap.

Click the link above and submit testimony. It’s easy. The button is at the top of the screen. For amusement you can click on the various versions of this bill and see how it has morphed.

Like a kind of Pink Slime, it has been processed and sanitized and we are supposed to just eat it.  I suggest not.

If you feel strongly about this, best to show up in room 308 some time after 5 p.m.  Speak your mind. Ask the Finance committee to kill this slimy bill.


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