Monday, April 02, 2012


Israel continues reducing ‘gross domestic happiness’ in Palestine

by Larry Geller

Israel is the polar opposite to little Bhutan (ref previous story).

Check out this story:

Israel threatens to demolish German-funded solar energy systems in West Bank (The Electronic Intifada, 3/30/2012).



Gaza could have been a model Palestinian realm instead of an armed camp from which rockets are launched. But all that's justified in your view, chicken/egg style because of "Israeli Occupation." Israel is just a little country full of people of all faiths and traditions who simply do not want to be killed and injured by suicide bombers.You can praise the praiseworthy BHUTAN without taking ONE more ONE sided swipe at Israel. Fond Solidarity & Aloha from Waikiki

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Israel would never allow Gaza to be a model Palestinian realm. Israel has either assinated or arrested and imprisoned every Palestinian who demonstrated leadership. Israel is a racist, Apartheid state worse than South Africa...Many thanks, Larry, for printing the truth.

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