Saturday, April 28, 2012


Server upgrade

Why is it that I always have a sense of doom about these things?

My hosting company (which has provided exemplary service since I switched to them) has advised that the server on which Disappeared News resides will be upgraded to new software.  A two-hour outage is expected soon but at some random time.

When Blogger upgraded their service, this blog suffered problems for several months, as did many others who were similarly dragged into the new software scheme.

Probably everything will actually go ok. So if Disappeared News itself disappears, don’t worry, it’s not some sort of revenge by state House leadership.

And anyway, I promise to come back and haunt them no matter what happens to this blog.


This is not a very exciting story line. I would have posted that Disappeared News is being taken down by the Feds for defending the US Constitution and free speech for natural persons and that you would soon be transferred to Guantanamo. We could have then started a "Free Larry" site for legal fees. A protest at the Federal Building would follow. Your picture would be plastered on the evening news. No mention on Fox News of course. What a minute, I have some key words in this post like, "Federal Building", "Protest", "Guantanamo" that will be picked up by "NSA" computers. Uh Oh.............Stage left..................

Your comment is far more exciting than my article. And thanks for taking the NSA heat. If your comments stop, I'll know I'm next...

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