Thursday, April 26, 2012


Another House atrocity? Ag bill reported hijacked in conference committee

by Larry Geller

On this one I have to go by at article posted on the Sierra Club website. I tried to reach some people who might know about this bill but I need to go out in a few minutes and replies are not in yet.

Check out I’m Mad as Hell (4/25/2012) on the Sierra Club Capitol Watch page. If the report is accurate, it looks like a huge over-reach by Rep. Clift Tsuji. A bill with great popular support has been flipped into its evil twin.

Something is drastically wrong with our state House this session. Again, if the report is accurate (there is no conference draft posted on the Capitol website), another bill that has made its way through the legislative process has been hijacked at the last minute.  From the Sierra Club web page:

At the very last minute the Chair of the House Agriculture Committee, Mr. Clifton Tsuji, took it upon himself to hijack months of work and replace our bill with language not seen or discussed before - some of which is not even within his committee’s remit and has no relation to the title of the bill.

It’s Undemocratic
In other words, what Tsuji did was not just a dirty political trick that flouts the wishes of the hundreds of people who have lobbied for this bill, it’s probably unconstitutional.

I’m reluctant to say anything until I can speak to someone, but I suggest you click on the above link.

Also, while the author suggests calling or emailing Rep.Tsuji, I would suggest that instead, email to object to the changes in this bill (the article neglects to give the bill number, but it appears to be HB2703) and also chastise lawmakers, in your own words, for perpetrating last minute “gut and replace” operations, especially in the shadowy back rooms of the conference committees.

I agree with the author that these moves are probably unconstitutional. It would take a court to decide that, though. Until that happens, the House is enjoying itself far too much with these shenanigans at public expense.


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