Sunday, January 01, 2012


Culling the herd in New York City

by Larry Geller

I tuned in to the live streams posted at Greg Mitchell’s Occupy Wall Street liveblog last night after dinner, as a few illegal aerial fireworks popped over Kalihi. There were far fewer this year compared to last, but there seem to still be some who enjoy flouting the law in Honolulu.

In New York, the cops are the ones breaking the law. Interestingly, one of the protesters was heard on the video pointing out to some cops that as they break the law, they are being recorded on video. But it didn’t help.

Uptown at Times Square, Mayor Bloomberg (who belongs to the top 1% of the 1%, had ushered in the New Year by kissing Lady Gaga.

Later, about 300 protesters marched uptown, starting on Broadway and making their way to Sixth Ave. Hundreds of cops on motorcycles herded them off the streets and onto sidewalks.

[New York Daily News, Protesters Occupy New Year in Zuccotti Park: Demonstrators return to their favorite spot, 1/1/2012]

It appeared from the livestream that cops were just pulling people out from the line. Culling the herd, so to speak. It didn’t matter, Occupiers had re-taken Zucotti Park earlier.

Well, 2012 already looks very much like 2011. Tweets from Egypt document more bloody clashes. Here’s a cartoon by Carlos Latuff for the New Year:



© 2011 Carlos Latuff – reproduced by permission


Happy New Year to Disappeared News readers. Stay tuned.


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