Sunday, January 29, 2012


Apple, the “job creator,” now completely exposed

Daisey meets a young woman who cleans iPad screens and discovers that she is just 13. While he is there, a worker dies after a 34-hour shift. But the most chilling part was Daisey's description of the factories as virtually silent. There's no thrum of machinery, he realizes, because there are hardly any machines.This American Life #454

by Larry Geller

Love your iPhone? Of course.  But read this Mother Jones story anyway. You probably didn’t know about the child labor, pollution, and abominable working conditions where your iPhone was made, when you bought it. But now you can learn the truth.

So read.

Inside Apple's Hidden Factories. Finally. (Mother Jones, 1/27/2012)


This American Life 454: Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory (1/6/2012)



And of course this is what the right wing fringe calls the global economy.

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