Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Honolulu Weekly: Aloun Farms growing GMO corn, export basil

by Larry Geller

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve followed the saga of Aloun Farms, currently at risk of losing their land to the Hoopili development. Aloun was the subject of controversy as the owners were charged by the Department of Justice with several counts related to human trafficking, pled guilty, had the plea agreement thrown out, and finally their trial was aborted due to a prosecutor’s error.

They’re in the news again, and it’s disappointing. This from today’s Honolulu Weekly:

According to Nekota, Aloun Farms produces 300 to 400 acres of GMO seed corn for Pioneer, a subsidiary of DuPont. They also sublease almost 100 acres to a company growing basil to be shipped off island.

[Honolulu Weekly, Creeping Corn, 12/28/2011]

We do need to keep our ag land, but stuff like this complicates the issue. Growing GMO corn etc. does not contribute to sustainable agriculture in Hawaii.

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Many anti-GM activists defended Aloun Farms against human trafficking charges because they thought it was 'organic'. This is a betrayal...of a betrayal!

gmo corn stock was feed to the lab mice for months before and tests were done to discover any bad side effects, such as reduced fertility along with the incress of cancer growth

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