Friday, December 02, 2011


Democracy Now: Richard Wolff on Eurozone woes and our "dysfunctional" political and economic systems

[The Occupy Wall Street movement] is long overdue. I am deeply moved by it. They have put this question of economics, how we live, how we’ve divided our society between rich, as a tiny number, and poor, they’ve put that on the national agenda. For that, we will be grateful to them for years to come. The taboo about looking at capitalism the way we’ve looked at our other institutions is overcome, and they’re the ones that deserve the credit.

Actually, that quote is from the very end of this Democracy Now segment. Wolff discusses the Euro, our interlocked economies, senseless bailouts, lack of work on the real problems, and more.

Instead of sending you to the Democracy Now segment (but please go there if you’d rather read the transcript than watch the video), here it is. Click the thingy at the lower right for full-screen.

Richard Wolff: Eurozone Woes Result from Mating of Our "Dysfunctional" Political, Economic Systems

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