Friday, December 02, 2011


Cops arrest sink at Occupy Boston—is it being waterboarded?

by Larry Geller

“Who would have thought that they could sink this low…”

The cops captured the sink, donated by MIT, and threw it into their paddywagon. It was running when they grabbed it.

Oh, go read the story: Cops seize Occupy Boston’s sink, spawning flood of bad puns (Raw Story, 12/2/2011). Some of the best puns (“trickle-down sinkonomics”) are in the links from that article.

There’s a video there of the sink being apprehended. Note the swarm of photographers. Yes, the revolution is being televised in every detail. It’s a visual event. Good reason not to count on the local paper for OWS news.

For twitter fans, the sink has its own Twitter account. See the article for details.

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If corporations are people then sinks can be too.

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