Sunday, November 06, 2011


Quiz for Sunday Star-Advertiser subscribers

by Larry Geller

For those of you with a Sunday Star-Advertiser in hand, check out the full-page wine ad on page D5.

A full-page ad in the Star-Advertiser is undoubtedly an expensive thing. What can you tell me about why this one may be money wasted?

While we’re playing copy editor, check out the Dining Out restaurant guide (an ad section). Can you find the very obvious typo on the page numbered 13?

And finally (I’m sure there could be more, but I have to break and do some dishes): Richard Borreca rides herd on Governor Abercrombie these days as closely as Fox News tracks Obama. In his column today he has one thing backwards, referring to governors who used to be Congressmen. Can you spot it?


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