Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Will we be swayed by $195,000 of Big Wind hot air?

by Larry Geller

The train has its paid operatives, but we don’t have to be swayed by them. I no longer open emails from Doug Carlson, for example. So you see, we do have ways to resist corporate propaganda. We’re smarter now. We can even keep resistance movements such as Occupy going for months on end that takes quite a bit of savvy and skill. So the timing is good to resist this gross waste of taxpayer money.

It’s a shame that Hawaii will be shutting down social services while awarding a $195,000 non-bid contract to propagandize Big Wind.

Check out Ian Lind’s article, State targets Big Wind opposition (, 11/14/2011). It’s great that Ian reviews the procurement files and is able to turn up capers like this.

Why not let the companies that will profit, should the project go forward, pay the propaganda bill?

Plus, why should taxpayers pay this fee to be convinced to pay higher, not lower, electricity costs should the project kick in? What exactly will we pay for those corporate profits?

Didn’t we learn anything from government indulgence in the Superferry fiasco?

Please read Ian’s article. He writes, in part:

The proposal has several aspects. There’s a “local, national, and international media campaign” aimed at developing “a broader media outreach network” to promote DBEDT energy projects, and “establish consistent communications channels” to report favorable stories on an ongoing basis. Not too hard in this age of compliant corporate media.
The “issue management” component seems to have the most potential for additional mischief. It sounds an awful lot like it is aimed at burying opposition to the Big Wind project on Molokai and Lanai through both a PR blitz and manipulation/mobilization of both elites and “active, trusted, and engaged community members and groups who have a clear understanding of the benefits of clean energy” on each island.

I can hear state legislators lamenting that the state has no money for education or social services. Well, here’s $195,000 if they can figure out how to convince the Abercrombie administration that there are better ways to spend the people’s money. But somebody needs to do something now, before the money is spent.

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Well they might try to bury the opposition, but FACTS are FACTS.

Check out this article to see how profitable big clean energy projects are :
If big wind is going after government secured loans and grants, support is going to get harder to come by after Solandra...sp.
The PUC did turn down the wood chippers on the big island....too expensive. ..where is the PUC on this deal? According to Maui news Murdock is selling Lanai.
And the folks on Molokai are against this project and will fight it. If 200k can make a difference is doubtful. ..but then the goobers got the super ferry running so..... If the powers that be can keep the flap going about big wind they are NOT working on any conservation.

Perhaps if the debate on Big Wind was a fair one, then the State would not have to spend the money to promote something that is clearly in the interest of the majority of the people of Hawaii. Everyone - even the "evil" "industrial" wind developers have a right to due process. As 0ne commenter here says, "facts are facts" but that is the last thing the opponents of this project want. Those who dont want change simply want to wreck the whole thing before those who will risk a lot of money to help our State have their chance at due process. What we get is a bunch of faulty math by a former "energy CEO" whose background doesnt check out, not a single claim can be verified), slick emotional videos with NO facts whatsover, and claims of cultural significance where the actual history makes the claims suspect. Its about time somebody stood up for the rest of us.

Well, I'm not sure who the rest of you are, but the $195,000 got rejected. And most of us do not want to pay so much extra for our electric bill. If you do, just go ahead and make your contribution to HECO. Add a tip to your bill. No need to wait for Big Wind, we've got Hot Air in abundance.

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