Friday, November 04, 2011


Breaking: 2nd vet injured, allegedly beaten by Oakland police, denied medical care and now in hospital ICU for surgery

by Larry Geller

The San Francisco Fox affiliate Fox40 reports that former U.S. Army Ranger Kayvan Sabeghi has become the second former American serviceman to be badly injured by Oakland police.  Sabeghi was reported by his business partner to be leaving the scene of an Occupy Oakland protest when he was arrested and beaten severely.

"He told me he was in the hospital with a lacerated spleen and that the cops had jumped him," Kelly said. "They put him in jail, and he told them he was injured, and they denied him medical treatment for about 18 hours."

[Fox40, Army veteran injured in Oakland clashes with police, 11/4/2011]

Yesterday’s demonstrations in Oakland were due in part to the severe injury of ex-Marine Scott Olsen by Oakland police last week. Police fired a tear gas canister that hit Olsen in the head, fractured his skull and injured his brain. Olsen is currently still in hospital and unable to speak.

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Well they did it now.

Does anyone think for a nano second soldiers are going to stand for this? The benefit of the slim doubt for Scott Olsen but now a 2nd vet who was walking away?

Those stupid, ignorant, corporate paymaster idiots that apply for law enforcement jobs have finally met their match.

GONE are the days of free hits on defenseless citizens...donʻt they realize what they have invoked?

My intuition tells me the vets will finally begin to do what they ʻthoughtʻ they were doing when they went to war against ʻotherʻ innocent civilians, defending rights. No doubt the vets realize now the enemy is within.

The Oakland police have just invoked war; against the very people that put their lives on the line for them.

We have not seen nothinʻ yet.

Is this what it's coming to? Where Oakland is more dangerous than Iraq?

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