Friday, October 21, 2011


Watching you watching me … radar sphere back in time for APEC?

by Larry Geller

Sphere of influence

It’s baaack… (click image for larger). The shiny radar dome on its oil-rig platform is back in Pearl Harbor. I just watched it being towed into place. Well, it is almost APEC time. What better place to fire it up and make sure Hawaii doesn’t suffer any kind of surprise attack?

The thing has an incredible resolution. Were it turned on, I’m sure it could see me at my window taking this picture. It would know that I’m not a security threat because I have a very old, cheap camera.

If it really were here to guard the APEC conference, a better place for it would be out in the ocean somewhere where it would have an unobstructed view. No doubt it really is just here for repairs.

But if your clock radio goes crazy during APEC week, maybe it’s getting zonked by radar waves.

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Makes me wonder what those 'radar waves' could be doing to our bodies, doesn't it?

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