Friday, October 14, 2011


“Kama`aina Rewards Card” outsourced to Idaho

by Larry Geller

Kama`aina cardI stopped by a First Hawaiian Bank branch yesterday, got answers to my question about my account, and was given my “Kamaaina Rewards” card.

Cool. Every little bit helps these days.

The card said to go to the website for a list of participating locations.


But there is no list on the website, only a map showing the locations of “76” gas stations on Oahu.


So I called the number on the back of the card. It’s a toll-free number.

The call center isn’t here in Hawaii, it’s in Idaho.

Not cool. What does “kama`aina” mean anyway? [one who has lived in Hawaii for a long time—it derives from the words "kama", meaning "child", and "ʻāina", meaning 'land']

And the only discounts are at the gas stations and a 7-11 stores.

Since I’ve sworn off Twinkies and buy my gas at Costco, this card goes into the shredder.

But shame, First Hawaiian. We don’t need to create more jobs in Idaho, we need them right here in Hawaii.

Yes, you can.

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Yes, shame on First Hawaiian. I will just tear up my application..Thanks, Larry.

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