Thursday, October 13, 2011


Details of Coast Guard security zones for APEC 2011 (pics)

by Larry Geller

Did you hear? Coconut palms have been planted on the median on Nimitz Highway to impress the APEC delegates as they are driven in from the newly spiffed-up airport. They probably won’t even notice (and of course, we’ll have to pay later to keep the coconuts from dropping onto cars).  What a bright idea that was.

What they will likely notice is that they are in Hawaii and neither they nor their families can go into the water to swim or surf. See: Sorry APEC delegates, no swimming while you’re here (10/7/2011).

Here are better drawings than I can produce myself, sent to me by Rachel Orange. The first contains an apparent error—the zone should end just past the McCully bridge, which is the next bridge over in the pic. This gives the USCG control of anything happening on the bridge itself. Most likely they just picked the wrong bridge, and a revised set of drawings is possible. So do not rely on these pics since they may contain errors.

Click for larger, and of course you can download your own copies.

Security Zone_Page_1

Security Zone_Page_2

Security Zone_Page_3

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