Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Gaggle (?) of attorneys expected at EEOC hearing Wednesday

by Larry Geller

Tomorrow’s hearing on the EEOC motion to postpone the case against six Hawaii farms and Global Horizons should be quite a spectacle. Here’s a snip from the court calendar for tomorrow (Aha Kupono is Judge Ezra’s courtroom):


Flock of attorneys

The action is scheduled to begin at 09:45. In Hawaii, where the only folks who wear suits and ties are attorneys and some legislators, it should be quite a scene.

What is the counting word for a bunch of attorneys? “Bunch” doesn’t sound right. How about flock? Gaggle?, Covey? Herd? Swarm? Any suggestions?

[The courtroom walls in Judge Ezra’s courtroom are made of koa wood,  thin veneers shaved from only one or two logs. Each panel is a near mirror image of the panel above and next to it. Of all the courtrooms on the fourth floor, Judge Ezra has the one with the most perfect paneling. The courtroom on the right as you come out of the elevator has a spectacular mural and is worth seeing. At a table inside and near the door are pamphlets with a reproduction of the mural and a description. Usually, if the courtroom is locked, a guard can advise about when might be the best time to come back to look at it, but even peering through the glass windows in the door, it is impressive.]

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