Friday, October 07, 2011


Blame Shifting

By Henry Curtis

The problem is that the Governor had a listening campaign and all of a sudden he became Governor and he stopped listening. Now people are saying it was his staff.  No, ... it was the Governor. He does not listen and he shoots at all of his allies.

The new thinking is to fire the young people and bring in the old guard.

Isn’t leading by example better than blaming your staff? The real solution is not to blame the staff but to take responsibility for your own actions.

A responsible executive assumes responsibility for everything that happens under his leadership. As people flee the administration the Governor is blaming others and leaving the State during the fallout.

Will the Governor work for the people or try to ram through changes in State Law to allow his friends to get rich?

Will the Governor be a one-termer or will he be impeached?

After a near flawless campaign that culminated in landslide victories in the primary and general elections, once in office, Abercrombie seemed to make a series of blunders, both legislatively and in public relations. ... That almost from day one the young administration made mistake after mistake, but wouldn't listen to those who were raising red flags ...

The job of controlling Abercrombie fell to Asselbaye. But she had never run an executive office before, and her skills did not lend themselves to the kind of back-room back-slapping required to govern. ... Finally, the governor accepted frank talk from his peers and cut his losses to save his administration and career."

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It is true neither Amy Asselbaye nor Andrew Aoki were in the Bob Awana mold. But thank God for that!

I was surprised when they were appointed to such important positions. I doubted they had enough experience to play those roles. But I think Neil did not WANT someone with enough heft to talk back to him, so he went with the younger talent. He also benefitted from the goodwill these appointments generated. Both Amy and Andrew are very strong at listening to the ideas of other people and, when disagreeing, still able to remain amicable. And both are extremely intelligent.

The Civil Beat article hews too closely to the perspective of Chad's sources. Responsibility for the mistakes of the administration rest squarely upon Neil AND his kitchen cabinet of advisors, who have always had more influence over the admin's policies and tactics than either Amy or Andrew.

UPDATE: Josh Levinson has also been forced out--announced on the S-A website at 11:42 am.

The "Senior Dems" whose views are being channelled through Chad Blair, are not only "older" and more experienced, they are also more involved in representing corporate interests, more cynical, less "innocent." Neil's problem are NOT that he is not hearing enough advice from well-connected political operators, it is that he has abandoned his progressive values.

I just wonder what positions these 3 people will end up that point there may be a lot more to say.

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