Friday, September 30, 2011


US Congress to collectively punish Palestinians

by Larry Geller

Abbas punishedThe US Congress seems to have no hesitation in hurting the Palestinian people. Although this front-page story in the London Independent suggests that Abbas will be punished, of course it will be the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza who will suffer.

Another story from the London Telegraph: Palestinians accuse US of 'collective punishment' after $200bn in aid is cut off (10/1/2011).

After the release of the Palestine Papers it became obvious that neither Israel or the United States were bargaining in good faith towards a two-state solution. So this move against Abbas, who took another tack by taking his case to the UN, is retaliation for trying to bring attention to the ongoing and perpetual stalemate in the peace talks. Bottom line, though—economic sanctions will not hurt Abbas as much as the will hurt the Palestinian people.

Having headlines like this pop up internationally won’t help the US’ image, either, but then, what do we care these days.

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