Friday, September 30, 2011


Another conscientious board—the State Rehabilitation Council

by Larry Geller

I served on this board until June 30 of this year. As a new member, I had to read a thick notebook of stuff and visit some web pages by way of orientation. No cushy job, that one.

The Chair also arranged Sunshine Law and ethics training for us, I think it was a half-day each.

And they’re still doing it. Here’s a snippet from their next agenda, just posted:


The SRC does this voluntarily—no one made them do it. Of course, other boards and commissions don’t do anything of the sort. And then there are Neighborhood Boards… somewhere I have a video of a meeting at which Neighborhood Board members actually debated (yes, on video!) whether they will follow the Sunshine Law or not.

For this next legislative session I hope someone will introduce legislation to make this training mandatory. It would be good to include subject-matter training. For example, we have an appointed school board now and a Superintendent without pedagogical qualifications or experience. You’d think that we, as concerned citizens, would want them to take a couple of course and learn something about what they are doing.

There oughta be a law.

Anyway, a big round of applause for the State Rehabilitation Council.

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