Friday, September 23, 2011


More on Chinese purchase of Hawaii real estate

by Larry Geller

When I wrote the short article yesterday What will APEC mean to Hawaii? Higher home prices, less affordable housing possibly (9/22/2011, I was speaking generally, based on observations of historical patterns in Honolulu real estate, articles in Forbes, and elsewhere. I thought I should check further to see if there is any evidence of Chinese investment already happening. Of course, there will be APEC delegates from other countries as well, but the Chinese are the easiest to research.

It didn’t take long. Google News turned up an article posted this morning in Chinese. I’m not yet sure I understand it completely, and it’s too early to get hold of anyone in Shanghai to check. But let me share it with you because of the remarks it contains.

The article refers to sale of either a Waikiki Beach hotel or rooms in a hotel, I’m not sure of this. But read the evaluation of Honolulu as an opportunity for Chinese investors. I think this is what APEC visitors may have in mind, given the lush environment they’ll be immersed in, and sales activities (such as this one) in their own countries. In other words, even before they board their flights to Waikiki, they’ve read that Honolulu is ripe to buy or invest.

上周,夏威夷第一滩“威基基海滩”近20年唯一新建的奢华酒店 ,特朗普威基基海滩步道国际酒店 ,在上海正式开售。 Last week, the first beach in Hawaii "Waikiki Beach" nearly 20 years the only new luxury hotels , beach trails特朗普威基based International Hotel in Shanghai officially opened for sale.

该项目开发商,IrongateAZREPBw开发公司的高级运营总监JasonGrosfeld表示:“近两年来全球经济局势的改变引发了中国投资者在世界各地的投资快速增长。在纽约、洛杉矶,我们早就看到了众多中国买家的身影,夏威夷檀香山也正成为中国投资者新热土。特朗普威基基海滩步道国际酒店在预售时创造了一天7亿美元的全美销售纪录,我们对于该项目在中国的销售非常看好。 The project developer, Irongate AZREPBw Development Company Jason Grosfeld Senior Director of Operations, said: "Over the last two years, changes in the global economic situation led to Chinese investment in the rapid growth of investment around the world in New York, Los Angeles, we would have seen many Chinese buy home figure, Honolulu, Hawaii is becoming the new hot spot for Chinese investors.

[, 夏威夷顶级酒店沪上开卖, 9/23/2011]

So sure, we should show APEC delegates our technology. Heck, they might buy it, though that won’t do us much good. APEC is coming, there’s nothing we can do about it but try to retain our sanity and our humanity.

If we treat em’ right and delegates like Honolulu, they might decide to stay.



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This was my prediction.
I got dissed and called a racist.
Lingle and now Abercrombie have facilitated this and knew exactly what was coming.
Hawaii has been collateralized as has the US.
This is very bad.
The private-state marriage that is occurring is part of this conspiracy.

Before Chinese investors consider Hawaiian real estate as an investment, they should seriously consider that title to a considerable amount of Hawaiian soil has an undisputed shadow upon it, since the U.S. Marines illegally overthrew this sovereign country in 1893, including the property upon which my house stands.

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