Saturday, August 13, 2011


Gary Hooser may run for Congress

I first spotted this article on Andy Parx’ website, Got Windmills?”

According to an email sent Friday to core friends and supporter Hooser said "I know in my heart that at some point, serving in public office is where I need to be. While the timing may be uncertain, my commitment is not. The 2nd Congressional District in the United States Congress is a path many have encouraged me to explore and one which I am seriously considering. I live in the District, have established networks on all islands and understand the unique challenges faced by rural communities."

[Got Windmills?, Hooser Mulls Congressional Run, 8/12/2011]

and indeed, Gary Hooser’s own blog has an article on the subject.


does that mean he will drop out of part-time law school and resign his recent commission as OEQC Director for the state?

I hope Hooser does run.

The country is facing multiple crises at the same time. We are in a prolonged recession and Congress is agreeing to proposals which are likely to deepen the crisis. The rich are getting richer, the middle-class is collapsing and unemployment continues to rise. To turn this around, we are going to need senators and representatives willing to stand up and push back for middle-class folks.

The Republicans are in the grip of an ideological mania, the belief that transferring even more money to the rich will create jobs. We have to invest in things which improve the lives of regular people, like education, rebuilding the roads and bridges, childcare, eldercare, preserving the environment, moving away from oil and coal. We need to stop spreading warfare all over the globe and start spending that money at home. Hooser has a record of standing strong in these areas.

None of the other CD 2 candidates, certainly not Mufi or Tulsi, has a strong record in opposing the Republican policies in these fields.

The OEQC is important work. Should Hooser decide to leave, I hope the job is transferred to someone as strongly dedicated to environmental protection as Hooser.

Right on, Kolea. Right on, Gary Hooser.

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