Sunday, August 21, 2011


Commentary: How the City Misled the Public


Aircraft Carriers in the Sky

If you take the print edition of the Star-Advertiser, you could have read a version of this commentary in the editorial section. Googling on the Web won’t find it for you, because, in their wisdom, the S-A has taken themselves off the Internet search engines.

Read about conflicts of interest, unrealistic cost estimates, and more.

Click on the image or on this link to read or download a copy of the commentary, made available by Prof. Randall Roth, one of its authors as listed in the S-A and one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the heavy rail plan.

You’ll also be able to more easily see the architect’s rendering of the Bishop Street station pictured here. It’s complete with graffiti on the posts.

[As someone who lived in New York City right near elevated trains, let me tell you that the architects are being kind in their drawing. There’s no litter in the street blown off the station platform, no stains on the sidewalk from dirty water runoff. There should be more dark shadows disgracing the buildings, and of course, you can’t hear the din of either the train, the signals, or the platform announcements.]


Panos Prevedouros brought all of these facts to the public during his mayoral campaign, but the ignorant, gullible majority of the public believed the lies of the city and the Democrats. Even the Star Advertiser tried to convince the Hawaii voters to support lying Hanneman and Carlisle. Now the truth shows the City completely misled the public! Panos will prevail in the next mayoral elections.

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