Saturday, August 06, 2011


Big Island police rough up journalist, confiscate camera and cellphone

by Larry Geller

Damon Tucker reports that he was photographing police in action from a public sidewalk when his camera and cell phone were taken from him and he was roughted up, bruised and made bloody by them. He was taken to the police station and held, charged with obstructing government operations. One piece of the “evidence”—his cell phone—was run over by a police car.

Read the story in his article, Abused by the Big Island Police and Arrested for Taking Cell Phone Pictures and Camera Photos (8/6/2011).

Related stories: MauiTime publisher Tommy Russo videorecords his alleged assault by “Dog” Chapman security guard and Maui police (4/15/2011)

ACLU Defends Rights of Citizens to Monitor Police by Representing Motorcyclist Prosecuted by State Police, (,5/28/2010)


They have surveillance camera's on us, so we should have the right to view their work ethics on camera too. After all, we are the one's that pay their salary.. No more double standards..Hold them accountable for their abusive actions, and no more suspension with pay..keep the camera's rolling :)

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