Saturday, July 09, 2011


Hillary 2012 to end the pain

by Larry Geller

I’m getting allergic to Obama. Now he is actually offering the Republicans a deal in which he (Obama) proposes sacrificing seniors’ safety nets. Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit. It has a huge ($26 b) surplus, and the government owes the trust tons of money. They’ve actually been stealing from seniors all along. (And from anyone else who is now contributing to their own retirement later on.)

This guy has got to go.

But how?

Hillary Clinton! She’s making supportive noises about Israel, which she would have to do to get elected. She said she won’t serve another term as Secretary of State, but we know she’s ambitious. There are a couple more signs, if you believe in reading tea leaves.

Of course, great minds think alike. A Google search reveals oodles of images. This is just a snip from the top:

Hillary 2012

Do I really want Hillary for president in 2012 or ever? Not really. But this allergy can only be resolved by removing the irritant.

So progressive Democrats out there in Hawaii: How about endorsing Hillary Clinton for 2012? Wouldn’t that make a splash,  if the land of Obama’s birth should be the first to endorse ending his troublesome political career.


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Rep. Marcy Kaptur would be my choice in a world where all things were possible.

Hillary? NO WAY! AND, Yes, Obama is not deserving of a second term.What a betrayal that has been to the voters!

Somehow, we have to reclaim our democracy. We vote for our representatives, but that's just like buying them a plane ticket to a place called Washington where they deposit their campaign promises in the amnesty bin upon arrival at the airport. After that, they work for the coporations.

No, I don't want Hillary for president. Somehow, though, we need to be able replace bad choices. Will there be an alternative? If there is a good alternative and we re-elect Obama, we are accepting what he will do to us.

I agree that Obama has been far, far too accommodating to the corporations, banks, insurance agencies and Republicans (was that redundant?) but the Clintons are in bed with Monsanto and the corporations just as badly.

BTW, what ever happened to "World Peace by 2012"?

There's a petition to draft Bernie Sanders in 2010 here:

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