Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Spinning Terms for Personal Gain

By Henry Curtis

Tax attorney Jay Fidell founded ThinkTech Hawai‘i in 2000 dedicated to the promotion of tech, science and globalism.

Jay Fidell (June 15, 2011): “Big Projects have been whipping boys in an arena where interested parties play sport to a court of public opinion. So in large part the public is educated by dint of unrestrained advocacy, where the best man doesn’t always win. … No one wants a windmill is his backyard, but clean energy for the state should trump that. And everyone likes whales, berries and environmental impact statements in general, but an affordable statewide transportation system should trump trumped-up environmentalism. The SuperFerry experience was a complete train wreck. It was destructive long-term, and we still don’t know how much we hurt ourselves.”

Jay Fidell (May 24, 2011): “Rail has been in the paper plenty lately, and after years of controversy it’s becoming even more controversial. ...Many people feel there has been a hoodwinking, and that had there been a proper discussion we would never had gone down this road. … Why is it that this big bad project has gone so far and we have spent so many tens of millions digging a hole in the sand? The confusion has gone widespread. Why can’t we do better on a project so large? The answer: because it is so large. Ten billion does have a way of gathering flies. … The bright side is that these emerging controversies could also awaken a sleeping public, and that once aroused that public will put the brakes on runaway rail. We can hope, can’t we?”

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Henry Curtis


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