Sunday, June 05, 2011


Andy Parx on US killing of children and celebration of war

I missed this article by Andy Parx, posted on Memorial Day. So much to read. This one is worth it. Andy introduces a lengthy quote of an article on the murder of children in Tripoli by the US—in this case, the shameful killing of first Muammar Qaddafi’s daughter and now his son and three of his grandchildren. Dear Barack Obama: those kids had nothing to do with your war.

Check out Andy’s War Crimes ‘R’ Us (5/30/2011).

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This so called war on Iibya is nothing more than business deals gone bad. Libya pissed off the French when he decided not to build some of the nuclear plants that he planned and Qaddafi pissed off the English when he demanded more payments from British Petroleum for the oil they were pumping in Libya. The fight for Democracy did not do in Qaddafi's family it was money and power, pretty much the same reason anyone has gone to war for the last thousand years.

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