Monday, April 04, 2011


Obama has a death list


Court documents, evidence offered by Human Rights Watch and a special United Nations report allege that U.S citizens suspected of encouraging “terror” had been put on “death lists.” Reports of the ‘death’ list’ say Obama’s Director of National Intelligence told a Congressional hearing that the program was within the rights of the Executive Branch of the government and did not need to be revealed. At least two people are known to have been murdered by Central Intelligence Agency operatives under the program.

[Media Freedom Int’l, Obama Authorizes International Assassination Campaign, 4.4.2011]

And the courts won’t stop it! (See article for list of references)

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Who is this man I voted for.

I am thinking that an investigation into the curriculum/professors at Harvard Law School would be appropriate. Is Obama a candidate for disbarment and Impeachment? No way should he be elected to a second term!

The sad thing is that no matter how clueless President Obama is about his responsibility to defend the US Constitution everyone else who is a potential Republican candidate is a thousand times worse.

Yes. This came up at the breakfast table again today (It's a frequent visitor). What was our choice? McCain/Palin?

So ok, given the candidates, maybe I should stop whipping myself over having voted for Obama.

This somehow does not make me very satisfied.

In 2012 it would seem that he needs to be replaced. But will we have a choice then?

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