Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Wisconsin recall movment historic example for the rest of the country

by Larry Geller

Think of it. The ability to recall state legislators who oppose the public interest. How would that play across the country? How would that play here in Hawaii?

The recall efforts being lead by citizens of Wisconsin are unprecedented.

Sixteen State Senators are targeted, and that's all of the State Senators eligible for a recall.

Some say history is unfolding right in front of our eyes.

[WFRV-TV, Citizen recall efforts being called historic, 3/9/3010] (article includes video)

Significant funds have been raised both inside Wisconsin and from around the country. At least $448,969 has been raised through a Democratic Party fundraising campaign on ActBlue. These funds will be largely used for media buys to convince the necessary 25% of those who voted in each district to take the step or recalling the Republican they put into office.

The world is watching with great interest whether an “uprising” is possible in the United States. During the protests at the Wisconsin state capitol pizzas were donated from around the world, even from Egypt, by way of sharing their leadership initiative in peaceful regime change.

To follow events in Wisconsin, the best way is to follow the Twitter hashtag #WI. Tweets also follow protests opposing attacks on organized labor in six other states this morning.

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Larry, the uprising already happened when the dem's were ousted because of mismanagement, and
"its the economy, stupid"

This is just a backlash. Walker is just trying to promote business and reign in the biggest abuse of government workers...getting too many side benefits that prevent an apples to apples comparison on total compensation package. I am from Wisconsin, and kind of embarrassed, this looks more like a Greek riot where the infamous "where's my cheese" routine is playing out

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