Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sam Smith essay on the current state of American politics

Today, the bribery of private campaign financing, especially following the Supreme Court's full approval of corporate contributions, has drastically changed the game. The public doesn't have to be enticed with public works, public jobs and public short cuts. Today's assumption is that with sufficient funds to mislead the public on TV, what the public thinks it thinks no longer matters. The typical politician is no longer an intermediary between grand and small constituencies and no longer feels the need to even tithe to the voter. It is enough to have the money to buy enough ads to deceive them.

by Larry Geller

Reading this, I was thinking that the primary beneficiary of all that campaign cash is our “free” press—the TV stations and newspapers who will collect all that corporate cash in the form of advertising, and willingly join in the deception of the public that threatens our democracy.


While the major participants in this sort of politics these days are Republicans, it is probably fair to date its universal application to the Clinton years. After all, Democrats were supposed to represent the little guy, to do the most for the most. Clinton made it clear that he would go with the highest bidder. And the Obama economic recovery programs - so twisted to aid the large over the small - continues this trend.

[Progressive Review, Morning Line: The dysfunction beat, 3/23/2011]

This is a good essay, and I urge readers to click on the link and read it in its entirety. The snips don’t do it justice.

Actually, the main thrust of Sam Smith’s article is that it’s about time psychiatry looked into politics, things have gone so far over the edge. But check it out in his words.

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Larry, I will be bringing up this issue for debate on my Internet show this Tuesday 3/29 at 9pm on As you might guess, I strongly disagree. You and anyone else is welcomed to participate as we'll be live with call-in.

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