Saturday, March 19, 2011


Nobel peace prize winner attacks Libya

Latuff 20110319

© 2011 Carlos Latuff  (reproduced with permission)

... same day Iraq war began eight years ago, also with Tomahawk strikes

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I am totally disgusted with Obama and his administration...He should return the Nobel Peace Prize, since he is such a fraud!

Actually it is the ʻNobel Peace Prizeʻ that is a fraud.
Consider who has been ʻconsideredʻ for this farce in the past.

That was a real shock to realize the Iraq invasion actually started on same day as Libya.

I agree with Anonymous #2 100%.

It's worse than just Obama. Once again the corporate media has gone war crazy. You'd think after all the recrimination and even career-ending firings over the mindless cheerleading during the Iraq war buildup they'd have learned something.

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