Saturday, February 19, 2011


Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya, Djibouti, Morocco, Wisconsin

Djibouti? I’m going o have to check the map….

White House, DNC deploy help to Wisconsin (Politico, 2/18/2011)

No, no troops deployed, no thugs. Just words so far.

But the fever is spreading. This is amazing to watch, from the distance of an island in middle of the Pacific. In the Mid-East, people didn’t get a chance to legitimately elect the oppressive governments that they are today trying to remove. In the USA, with corporations paying politicians who in turn pay the media to get elected, the legitimacy of our own government is being called to question. The oppression began some time ago, but has perhaps crept up on us. You know, like that boiled frog story. Wisconsin’s Republican governor put his foot on people’s throats and raised awareness nationally of the plight of the American worker.

Go Wisconsin.

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Kuwait too I heard on the news last night.

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