Monday, January 31, 2011


The United States and Mubarak’s Egypt: Partners in crime


Among the many aspects of the U.S.-Egypt relationship, few have been as controversial as the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program, where the agency frequently handed over suspected terrorists to foreign governments with histories of torture and illegal detention.

According to Human Rights Watch, Egypt welcomed more CIA detainees [1] than any other country from the 1990s through 2005….

Days after taking office, President Obama signed an executive order restricting renditions [8] but also keeping them as an option. "Obviously you need to preserve some tools – you still have to go after the bad guys," an administration official told the Los Angeles Times.

In September, a federal appeals court ruled that detainees cannot sue the CIA over allegations of torture at the hands of foreign governments.

[ProPublica, The ‘Italian Job’ and Other Highlights From U.S.’s Rendition Program With Egypt, 1/31/2011]

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