Monday, January 31, 2011


Awesome assist—Google sets up Speak 2 Tweet for #Egypt

Amazing. Check out Google Teams Up With Twitter And SayNow To Bring Tweeting-By-Phone To Egypt (TechCrunch, 1/31/2011).

And Al Jazeera is reported to be streaming on YouTube, haven’t checked that out yet.

See also:

The protests in Egypt are a huge story in politics, in media and in technology. Egypt is one of the most geopolitically important countries in the world.

Understood in context, these protests could be key in an unfolding history that changes the world forever. Old media is rushing to Egypt to cover it as well as it can: Nicholas Kristof and Anderson Cooper, for example, are Tweeting and Facebooking up a storm from the streets of Cairo.

[ReadWriteWeb, YouTube Steps Up to Shine Light on Egypt, 1/3//2011]

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