Monday, December 20, 2010


WikiLeaks reveals that fortunately for us, our government leaders working for corporate interests anyway are stupid idiots

While Wikileaks has begun to reveal some important state secrets, that's not the only thing that is making the establishment extremely nervous. Another huge problem is that the documents are providing a chain of evidence illustrating that the people running our government are not only frequently stupid, corrupt, and/or dishonest, but that in certain fields such as foreign policy, this is dominant rather than deviant behavior. Thus it is not just secrecy that is under attack but a whole culture of impunity.—Sam Smith

.by Larry Geller


This is the further damage that Wikileaks has done. It turns out that a private in Iraq can know more state secrets than most members of the club known as the Washington establishment.All those years in the Ivy League, all those lunches at the Metropolitan Club, all those boring lectures at think tanks undone by a few CDs and USB drives.   [Undernews, Morning Line: Exposing culture as well as secrets, 12/20/2010]

Sure, there are good people in Congress who are working hard for us. But there’s no shortage of the stupid, corrupt or dishonest ones. (sigh)

Check out the article.


"WikiLeaks revels that fortunately for us, our government leaders working for corporate interest anyway are stupid idiots."

We've seen our leaders behave like idiots for some time now, and to add insult to injury these stupid idiots believe "We the People" are also stupid idiots. After this past election they may be right.

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