Wednesday, December 29, 2010


US surpasses India in outsourcing… of journalists

by Larry Geller

According to a TechCrunch article, among outsourcing website’s 2 million registered professionals, the United States has the lead over India, 21% to 19%.

Perhaps this is a harbinger of the future as well as an indication of the extent of the domestic newspaper meltdown.

By itself this is not terribly meaningful, but keep an eye on this, folks. It may be the new face of the American labor force now that corporate employment in this country has broken down.

And check this out

U.S. Companies Created More Jobs Overseas in 2010

A new study by the Economic Policy Institute has found that U.S.-based companies created more jobs overseas this year than they did inside the United States. Overseas, 1.4 million jobs were created, versus less than one million in the United States. At the firm DuPont, the number of U.S. employees has shrunk by nine percent since 2005, while its work force grew by 54 percent in Asia-Pacific countries. At Caterpillar, more than half of the 15,000 people hired this year were outside the United States.   [Democracy Now, 12/29/2010]


Freelancer.comNow to check out that site…


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Republicans in Congress time after time blocked legislation to remedy the off shoring of American jobs. With the new Republican house and President Obama's strategy of letting Republicans go first during their tic-tac-toe negotiation sessions things won't be changing anytime soon. Obama's main goal at this point is clear, get re-elected at any and all costs even if it means losing the Senate too. This is a dangerous game he is playing with so many people's lives at stake.

While the previous comment could be taken as a commercial for Phykon's business, it's a very important message to listen to as well.

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