Monday, December 27, 2010


Update on Saguaro and Red Rock by Kat Brady

This just in, part of an email Kat sent out this morning:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Aloha Justice Advocates!

I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

I just wanted to report that I have heard from both Saguaro and Red Rock:

SAGUARO: Apparently Saguaro was never in lockdown, despite what the papers have said. If anyone knows anything different, please let me know. I was told that CCA is 'finished with us' and that the feeling in the air is that CCA really doesn't want to deal with Hawai`i folks. No one knows what is happening so everyone is on edge - they know something is happening, but tey don't know what it is.

I asked if they got a special meal for christmas and was told it was pretty much the everyday food - nothing special, but at least it wasn't rotten.

RED ROCK: I was advised that the Hawaiians are no longer in lockdown but the CA inmates are still locked down. No Hawai`i folks were involved in the riot, which was characterized as a race riot - the African Americans against the Whites and Mexicans.  That's all I know because we got cut off.

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This is a grave issue and Iʻm glad Kat Brady and Larry are on this.
The general consensus of the desensitized public is that they are locked up and deserve whatever they get.
Until...itʻs them or someone they love.
Lingle canʻt be chastised or criticized enough for all this. Especially when she/he was unable to find room on any of these islands for the first 6 female prisoners that were shipped out.
I can only hope Lingle, through maybe an actual event, can experience what she/he has inflicted on others.

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