Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Obama creates happy holidays for some, at least

Steve Greenberg cartoon

(copyright Steve Greenberg—used with permission)

… or, How to make New Friends among Influential People …:

Corporate chief executives who have been disappointed in the Obama administration are suddenly singing a different tune.

Ivan Seidenberg, the Verizon CEO who just months ago criticized President Obama’s policies as a threat to business, on Wednesday said Obama “has shown a willingness to learn.”   [The Hill, CEOs find new friend in Obama, 12/9/2010]



“has shown a willingness to learn.”

My dog is pretty smart also. He has learned to duck when I take a swing at him. (I don't have a dog) I didn't vote for President Barack Obama so he could learn to duck, I voted for him so he could bite that swinging conservative hand.

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