Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Check out Vimeo Video School, make videos, get active

by Larry Geller

Video on the web has already proven its power. My own personal experience convinced me that I needed to learn to use it more. Heck, all it took to help clean some rats out of Chinatown was one little video.

So why not learn how to make and edit videos? Wouldn’t they help you achieve your campaigns in life, whatever those might be? Show a video, convince people. Or document something that people should see. You probably already have a camera that can take some kind of video.

Vimeo Video SchoolToday’s ResearchBuzz pointed to a set of tutorials posted by video hosting site Vimeo. It’s Vimeo Video School. They have quite a bit of material, including a Video 101 class.

Check it out.

Make videos.

If you like, let me know about them if you think they might be good Disappeared News.

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Larry being new to Disappeared News I didn't realize it was you who shot the Rat video. Great video and wonderful public service report on your part. If I ever happen to discover a bordello in my neighborhood I will be sure to call you to expose this illegal activity. Wait, on second thought I will check out the Vimeo Video School and do that thankless job myself.

Yes, LOL, Those famous rats will be in your obit :)

Go for it. It sounds like disappeared news for sure.

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