Monday, December 13, 2010


Challenge to Obama healthcare mandate begins with Virginia ruling

by Larry Geller

This just in:  The Most Important Part Of Obamacare Was Just Declared Unconstitutional (Business Insider, 12/13/2010).

What we know right now is that it was a conservative judge in Virginia who was specifically ruling on the individual mandate aspect, meaning that even in the off chance it's upheld (good chance it won't be) it doesn't strike down the whole measure.

And so the attack begins. Should this challenge make it up to the Supreme Court, anything could happen with it. It starts with a conservative judge in Virginia and could end with the conservative judges in nearby DC.

For more on the constitutionality issue, see The Breakdown: An Unconstitutional Mandate? (The Nation, 3/26/2010)

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This Federal Judge has a clear conflict of interest here. His own health insurance is provided by tax payers many of whom don't have health insurance. Let's remove any conflict and eliminate health care for all federal judges. In fact let's move closer to balancing the budget by eliminating health care for all politicians starting with President Obama. Then and only then will they realize the agony the are putting people through by not passing the public option.

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