Thursday, November 11, 2010


Preparing kids to be groped by strangers

by Larry Geller

If you’re travelling in the USA and don’t want your children to be radiated by the full-body scanner machines, you can tell them to say they want to “opt out” at the airport security line. Who knows what effects the x-rays may have on children.

Trouble is, declining the radiation means a full-body pat down search these days. And there seems to be no limit to where the TSA can grope. Yes, right up to you-know-where.

So if you’ve been telling the kids never to let strangers touch them, this presents a dilemma, doesn’t it? Those people in uniform are strangers, and they are going to touch, touch touch.

That’s actually what it may be about. It’s part of the plan.

Our great government is softening us up to have our every communication, whether it’s on the phone or using email, tapped and inspected without our permission.  We can be detained indefinitely without charges, and we can have our computers and cellphones confiscated for simply joining a peace demonstration. In fact, those TSA people have the right to look at everything in your computer without a warrant, as though you might be guilty of something.

And every street corner might soon have a camera that can recognize license plates and one day even your face. They can find out what library books you read, or what books you purchase on-line or in a bookstore.

So this groping thing is just more softening up, to let us know in a physical way that we have absolutely no personal privacy left.

Back to the kids.


Boing-Boing has posted this pic (click for larger image at their website). It would make a great little picture book to explain the process to the children.

Or it might be confiscated as child porn.

So you have a choice—explain somehow that strangers touching is really ok, if they are government strangers. Or let your kids be x-rayed with unknown health consequences.

Speaking of child porn, there may be more to fear than health effects if TSA employees gloating over kiddie body scans in the back room have iphones or cellphone cameras with them.

Am I making too much of this? If you fly, it’s your choice to find out. Go get scanned, or go get groped. Like I said, it’s your choice. In our American system of democracy you get a choice.

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I've heard that if you "opt out" of the scan, then they make a BIG DEAL, yelling "Opt Out, Opt Out" so that you are publicly embarrassed by all the ruckus. Presumably so that next time you'll just let them scan you. Maybe we could organize a 'civil disobedience' i.e., a general refusal by numerous folks who fly...

I there any evidence that scanning even work? From what I hear terrorist can defeat these machines easily. The people who benefit most from the x-ray machines are the x-ray machine manufacturers. Let's train our TSA people to better spot certain personality traits that terrorist exhibit like the Israelis do. Make flight safety our number one priority instead of profits for scanning machine manufacturers.

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