Monday, November 08, 2010


Are TSA employees snapping iPhone shots of your naked body from airport scanner displays?

by Larry Geller

What are TSA employees doing in those rooms out of public view, while watching the green screens of naked bodies passing through airport scanners?

Could they be snapping porn photos with their iPhones?

I don’t know. Just now I received an anonymous comment to my article on the airport scanners and a lawsuit challenging their use.

Because it’s anonymous, I can’t verify it. But it has an air of truthiness about it. I understand that if a person had to put their name on a comment, they might not report something like this. So I appreciate and accept anonymous comments.

With the above caveat, and thanks to the commenter, here it is to save you the trouble of fetching it from the original article:

The Scanners are not able to store images is what I have read- but then explain the guy who is sitting next to me at the bar last night who "had an App for that!!!" Showing screen shots with his cell phone bragging about getting paid to look at porn. Why are they allowing TSA in the separate room to go in with their cell phones that have cameras? Why do TSA people working that distant room away from the scanning machines looking at the images- swapping pic's from their shift with each other? This can be easily verified just by looking at TSA employees cell phones leaving that room or email records to one another using their cell providers.

If these machines were for our safety- perhaps they should be used at all federal buildings too instead of just the metal detectors they have today. I am sure once that happens, they too will say- oh no this is not right!!!

I would like to thank that TSA guy at the bar for showing me what my tax dollars pay for, and I hope he keeps taking pictures so he can get caught. Maybe you should think about this TSA guy- before sending your kids thru the airport body scan.

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Mahalo, Larry, for another excellent blog,

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