Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hype begins for APEC 2011 Honolulu

It can help us to do what in decades we have not been able to do, which is to convince people from around the world that this is a place where serious business is conducted while still enjoying yourself, said Lingle.

by Larry Geller

Umm… What serious business exactly is conducted here? List it up please.

Let’s quit the hype.

APEC 2011 will be costly, perhaps risky, and in the end, whatever benefit it may bring us has yet to be defined.

The most likely outcome is that delegates will conduct their meeting and leave. Just like everyone else who attends a conference here. HPD will get to show off some spiffy new riot gear.

Hawaii’s economy really needs an alternative to tourism/hospitality and servicing the military, but so far no one has come up with one. APEC delegates will not provide us with a magic answer. It’s just the other way around. We have to show them.

So the question is: show them what?

The snip above is from

Security preps already underway for APEC 2011 (KHON, 11/23/2010)


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Even in the renewable energy field, there is considerable negative aspects of old style big and esp union companies throwing up roadblocks, including intervention by government officials to make it harder, and unjustly "enforce" things against non-union contractors. when I say "enforce" what I mean is that they (City and County Honolulu) force small non-union to so work to levels that union contracts are not made to tow the line.

It really sucks. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Well, perhaps Hawai'i should show that we do not need riot gear, tasers, barb wired areas. Instead Hawai'i honors the peoples right to dissent and congregate peacefully as the Constitution guarantees. For HPD, the Mayor, the Governor to consider anything less, would be to lack ALOHA, and COMMON SENSE.

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