Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Do pedophiles get health insurance?

By Henry Curtis

TSA: The Sex Agency?

Who can apply for sexual touching positions?
What benefits do they get, besides sexual?
Does TSA give pedophiles health insurance?

Do TSA Executives get abused?

Pistole Appears Before Senate Panel For TSA Oversight Hearing (Nov 17, 2010)
TSA Administrator John Pistole was back on Capitol Hill Wednesday to discuss aviation security in a hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee. As was the case during a hearing Tuesday before a separate Senate committee, lawmakers remain concerned over the status of international air cargo screening and TSA's increased use of Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) equipment and enhanced pat-down procedures. During Wednesday's hearing, senators also raised concerns about proposed changes to the existing background screening process for aviation workers and the prospect of collective bargaining rights for TSA employees.

The vast majority of the discussion centered on passenger experiences at screening checkpoints with the additional utilization of AIT equipment and TSA's enhanced pat-down procedures. Growing public concern - including an announced pre-Thanksgiving boycott of AIT machines - was evident during today's hearing, with senators in attendance offering a more direct challenge to TSA to address privacy and health-related questions and concerns. Lawmakers also pressed Administrator Pistole for a better understanding of whom exactly will be subject to pat-downs and under what circumstances.


These scanners are not able to see under one's skin, which means they are easily defeated by terrorist. Bottom line is the only one who benefit from the scanners are the companies who make them. When you see former Homeland security people like Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff either lobbying for or being involved with the companies who make the scanners one has to wonder about them.

I have not been able to grasp how a government thinks it can surveille anyone, clobber peaceful demonstrators, x-ray people who just want to travel, and feel up their children.

Wait... they are doing all that and more. Where does democracy kick in, or is that a lost cause?

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