Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sorry, one more TSA article—some words from ACLU

by Larry Geller

This is snipped from an ACLU email to members titled “TSA wants to see you naked:”

Tell DHS to rein in these invasive, out-of-control searches and to implement security measures that ensure passenger privacy.

The ACLU has prepared a useful guide to help you navigate your options at the airport. It details ways to protect your privacy during air travel. It also describes how to file official complaints about any TSA trouble you encounter. View it here.

If you think your rights have been violated while you're traveling, please let us know about it. Just fill out this form online to share your story.

You shouldn't have to check your rights when you check your luggage. With the holiday travel season fast approaching, we need to make sure that security measures are in place that actually make us more secure without compromising passenger privacy.

I actually doubt that Janet Napolitano cares about petitions, but it’s easy to click over to the ACLU website and give it a try.

After reading Henry’s article on pedophiles, I’ll have to say that there must be an element of self-selection in this. If I were currently a TSA employee, I would refuse to pat down anyone, man, woman, or child. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it. Clearly, though, the TSA has access to sufficient numbers of employees who will.

It must be, if TSA is not stopped, that there will be a certain number of people who will sign up just for the chance to be a patter-downer.

I imagine it was the same for the priests who molested young boys—to some extent, there must have been an element of self-selection for the job. And when the crackdowns came, one would expect recruitment to drop off, not only because the job benefits had changed but because the public might harbor distrust of anyone, no matter how dedicated and upright they might be, who chose that calling.

Don’t forget the petition link above. Easy to do. Could get you on her enemies list, though. Tags: , , , ,


Re airport scans/gropes: It may be only a matter of time that an major incident is not prevented by current methods. What then? Body cavity searches?

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