Thursday, October 28, 2010


Save Our Schools weigh in on Hawaii governor’s race

by Larry Geller

I haven’t posted much campaign material on the blog, but this ad, put together by Save Our Schools SOS808, deserves a featured spot.

As you will recall, not only did Lingle/Aiona not even speak with the parents protesting the shortened school year in Lingle’s waiting room, Lingle even had the parents arrested for trying. Yes, the charge was trespassing, but the right thing to do would be to at least come out and speak with the parents. Just a few minutes would have been enough.

Or better yet, invite them in for some real discussion about ending the Furlough Fridays that made Hawaii the laughingstock of the rest of the country and some important international tourism sources also (like China). Why would any state shortchange its children’s future by cutting their school year to the shortest in the nation?

Both Lingle and Aiona, as Republican’s Republicans, support a form of school “reform” which relates more to the destruction of the public school system and teachers’ unions than to improving the system. Furlough Fridays fit nicely into the agenda. They met resistance this time. In response, the administration chose to take a hard line—no compromise, no discussion even. No dropping charges. So no wonder the parents are weighing in at election time.

Here’s their ad:

Save our Schools Hawaii website:


Thank you, Larry! Some of the individuals in the video are identified on a similar page on

I think its funny for a position that is considered to be almost completely powerless, that in the few crumbles of power Aiona actually had, he still managed to fail, in the epic and Biblical sense of the word. My guess is that this did not make it onto Hawaii TV from the rough editing. Too bad. Just what voters need.

Parents fighting for their kids. Most of us can identify with that. The Republican response of they were trespassing only rings with the right wing hard core fringe.

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