Tuesday, August 03, 2010


What does a Coronal Mass Ejection mean exactly? Try it out when you need a good excuse for something

by Larry Geller

As if we don’t have enough to worry about, NASA warns that a Coronal Mass Ejection Headed for Earth may knock out our cellphones, TV, power grids, or whatever. It should hit today and tomorrow.

I don’t know if we can see the Northern Lights effects, maybe those on the North Shore might have a look this evening.

But if your Vista computer does something funny tomorrow, or your toaster oven overcooks dinner, you have an explanation for it. Sunspots. If your GPS sends you to Hawaii Kai instead of to Waipahu, blame it on confused satellites. Sunspots of this strength can play havoc with satellites.

Heck, this is a good enough excuse for almost anything.

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Hi Larry,
Wondering if you knew you have at least 6 trackers on your site. If you donʻt want them I found a good program that blocks and exposes them:

Thank you for mentioning this.

My computer blocks much of that stuff, so I didn't see it. Ghostery shows me only three (see below) on my site, but I don't doubt that you're right. I have to take down my shields and try again.

I did install site meters (two of them -- interetingly enough, they produce different results) and a Twitter button, which is a tracker. I am not sure if these are considered harmful.

By the way, some people prefer TrackerScan. I haven't tried it, but maybe now's the time.

The narrator of the video says that "the sun is a hundred times bigger than the Earth." The sun is indeed 109 Earth diameters wide, but that makes it about a million times the volume. The sun is more than 99% the mass of everything in the whole solar system. I mean, the thing is huge! Anyway, just sayin'.

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